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Our small ranch is located near Hayfield, Minnesota, which is located in the southeast part of the state. We do hope you will visit us when you're in the area.

--Dave & Nola Robson

Ranch name
The name "Crazy R Ranch" exemplifies a bit of humor about how "crazy" we must be for spending so much time caring for and raising horses! The ranch name was dubbed when we were returning from a trail ride in Wyoming a few years ago -- jokingly saying "we must be crazy" to spend the time (and money) we do on our horses and mules. Our ranch brand is registered and we freeze-brand many of our horses and mules.

Equine interest
We hope you will come to know and appreciate the calm and inquisitive nature of this breed. We are preservation breeders of this rare and unique horse and wish to educate other horse enthusiasts. We enjoy trail riding and camping with our horses (and mules) and do some training as well.

About us
Nola was born and raised in North Dakota. She has loved horses from the time she was a little girl and remembers traveling to Medora, ND each summer for their family vacation.

Dave was born in Ohio and grew up with horses and mules as his family logged in the forests near their home. He learned to work with, and respect, horses and mules at a young age working along side his father. A strong interest in history played a big part of the intrigue to know more. Dave also has an avid interest in Native American history.